Introduction to Earth Moving Heavy Equipment

February 15, 2020

Earth moving or earthworks is a major application of heavy equipment. Earth moving involves digging, grading, and moving earth. Excavating, landscaping, moving large amounts of earth, and laying of the foundation are examples of earth moving tasks. Small scale earth moving can be done through pure manpower as long as they have the right tools, however, large scale earth moving would require heavy and powerful machinery to efficiently do the job.

Specific heavy equipment was designed for specific earth moving tasks. Here at T1rentals, a heavy equipment rental company based in the Philippines, we offer different kinds of earth moving equipment for rent.


Excavators, as the name implies, are earth moving heavy equipment specialized in any task associated with digging, earning its nickname, “diggers”. Excavators are characterized by its long arm called the “boom” with a dipper on its end where the “bucket” is attached. There are two types of excavators: wheel excavators and crawler excavators. Wheel excavators are mounted on wheels providing speed and mobility in earth moving making it very efficient when working on flat grounds. Crawler excavators, on the other hand, utilize crawlers instead of wheels sacrificing speed for efficiency on uneven terrain. Excavators’ capacity ranges from 5 to 30 tons.


Loaders specialize in collecting, carrying, and transporting large amounts of earth, debris, construction materials, etc., from one place to another. Loaders are wheeled heavy equipment equipped with a large bucket in front supported by powerful beams that would serve as its arms. The loader would move forward, using the bucket to scoop the earth or sand. The bucket would then be lifted by its arms to move or transfer its contents to either a dump truck or any desired place to put them. Loaders work hand in hand with excavators, resulting in efficient earth moving.

Motor Graders

Motor graders are tractor-like, earth-moving equipment that specializes in moving stuff or debris, flattening the surface, and leveling the ground. Motor graders are equipped with a blade that can penetrate the ground to reach the desired depth when leveling surfaces. The blade would then sweep away all unnecessary stuff leaving a flat and leveled ground. They are commonly used in preparing the ground for construction and clearing operations. There two major types of motor graders: the rigid frame motor grader and the articulated frame motor grader. The rigid frame motor grader only has one axle or blade, usually positioned in between the front and back wheels. Rigid frame motor graders are unable to move left or right and are only limited to forward and backward movements making it more efficient in creating straight paths or grounds. On the other hand, Articulated frame motor graders have two axles or blades, one in between the back and front wheels and the other in front. Unlike the rigid frame motor grader, articulated frame motor graders can move left and right. The front blade is used to sweep what’s in front and guide the whole machine to the desired direction.

Vibratory Roller Compactors

Vibratory Roller Compactors are earth moving equipment commonly used for ground compaction. It uses vibration and weight to “press” the ground making it more compact which increases the ground’s strength and stability, making it ready for construction. Vibratory Roller Compactors are usually wheeled heavy machine equipped with a large iron roller or cylinder called the “drum”. An internal mechanism in the roller creates a vibration effect which makes compacting a lot more efficient.


Bulldozers are tank-like heavy earth moving equipment with a heavy, broad blade in front used to pushing earth or debris around. They are primarily used in moving earth by pushing them but they are sometimes used as well in flattening and leveling surfaces.

Breakers and Drills

Breakers and Drills are normally attachments to heavy earth moving equipment like the excavator. Breakers are powerful hammers attached to excavators used to break solid ground or concrete. Drills are heavy pointed attachments to excavators used for penetrating and drilling solid ground or cement. Breakers and Drills basically share the same application. They are used in demolishing projects and in preparing solid grounds for digging.

Earth moving is an important task particularly in construction. Having the right equipment for the right task is a must. Contact us at T1 Rentals for all your earth moving equipment needs.

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