T1 Rentals adds PTC 30H1A Vibratory Hammer to rental fleet

March 6, 2020 by Franz Kevin C. Buenaseda
TC 30H1A Vibratory Hammer - A New Earth Moving Solution Equipment

With a growing demand for additional earthmoving solutions, T1 Rentals adds to its roster of specialized equipment, a brand new PTC 30H1A Vibratory Hammer.

This robust piece of equipment is suitable for use in the installation of sheet piles or steel pipes to provide temporary or permanent walls to prevent soil erosion, excavation support or to keep soil back away from structures.

It can also be used to extract old piles out of the ground, can be used underwater, is lightweight and easy to transport from the yard to site. 

Unlike traditional pile drivers which are loud and use a large weight to strike the pile, these vibratory hammers work quieter and faster by using spinning counter-weights to create vibration.  This allows it to "cut" soil into the ground and drive piles more quickly. A 30-meter long pile that could take up to an hour to drive in the ground with a traditional pile driver only takes 10 minutes or less with this vibratory hammer.

This piece of equipment is well suited to be used alongside T1 Rentals’ new Manitowoc 165T MLC165 Lattice Crawler Crane.

30 H1A PTC - Technical specs 

Centrifugal force: 947 kN
Static torque: 30 kgm
Boom Lifting Torque: 400 kN
Amplitude: 26.5 mm
Frequency: 28 Hz
Drive power: 208 kW
Weight: 4.7 t
Clamping tongs: d/e/r

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