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May 4, 2021 by T1 Rentals Admin

Operating any type of heavy equipment safely and properly is a complex, high-risk task.

Because of this, T1 Rentals takes it's operator training very seriously. It is one of the best ways to protect workers from harm, and just as construction and worksite conditions are evolving, becoming more digital and technology driven, so is the need for operator training.

T1 Rentals is leading the industry as a pioneer in using heavy equipment simulators to assess, train and hone the skills of its operators. The rental company currently owns 2 simulators which has modules for hydraulic excavator, mobile crane, and bulldozer which were developed and produced by ACREOS of France.

“Our objective is to ensure all our operators are of the highest caliber in an industry which safety, productivity and efficiency are key in a worksite.” Said Levi Dy, Division Head of T1 Rentals.

“When an operator is interviewed by T1 Rentals’ assessment team prior to hiring, they may bring their resume and certifications from TESDA or ACEL, but their level of expertise when actually operating the equipment may not be clearly seen. With this they are put through the simulator, and in real time the modules will provide an assessment of how competent they are and how safe they are using the equipment in real life situations. With this, their results determine if they are proficient enough and meet T1 Rentals’ stringent standards to be hired or if they will still need to undergo additional training.

Simulator training and testing offers multiple advantages, including these:

  • Keeping actual equipment in use. When you have to use equipment for training or competency assessments, you’re taking it away from the rental fleet.

  • Conducting more in-depth skills assessments. A simulator will throw different scenarios at the operator, requiring them to maneuver and move through obstacles or complex positions, giving the trainer a much better understanding of their skills and where they need to improve.

  • Reducing wear & tear on equipment. Simulator time can improve operator skills before they have the chance to do any damage, which can cut repair and maintenance costs, as well as fuel costs.

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