Whatever your construction project, count on T1 Rentals to get things done right.

At T1 Rentals, we take pride in providing our clients with the right equipment, quality service, and innovative solutions no matter when or where.

For utmost reliability, we offer only the newest machines from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our full range of heavy equipment rentals include Earth Moving, Lifting, Industrial Rental Equipment, and Transport & Hauling Solutions to meet the stringent demands of any project.

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About Us

T1 Rentals shall provide the right equipment, quality service and innovative solutions to satisfy, if not exceed customer expectations.

To achieve our objectives, we are committed to:

Conform or surpass regulatory requirements, customer specifications, and other applicable standards.

Promote the use of process approach and risk-based thinking.

Strengthen and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with our Business Partners, Customers, Suppliers and other interested parties.

Continuously review, analyze and improve our fleet portfolio, processes, systems, tools and services to further enhance our performance and customer satisfaction.

Provide an extensive variety of trusted equipment brands as well as services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Maintain open and timely communication with all our clients and partners, and mindfully taking their feedback, concerns and queries, to engage in ways to further improve our services.

Continuously train and develop T1 Rentals Employees

Ensure that our employees are knowledgeable, trained and developed to safely and efficiently deliver our rental services.

Invest in sustainable innovations by the use of applicable technology and equipment to better address customer and business needs.

Equipment Categories

Earth Moving

Lifting Equipment




Why rent from us?

The right way to conserve and re-deploy capital

Because your money won’t be tied up in equipment costs, you’ll be able to allocate funds to different areas of your operation.

The right equipment for the job

No need to get stuck with expensive machinery that only does one thing, because you’ll be able to choose the equipment best suited for every phase of your project.

The right way to manage operational risk

The right way to start a project is with reliable, professional and safe operators to keep your project on schedule and less prone to accidents.