Customer Satisfaction Survey


Thank you for choosing T1 Rentals as your Equipment Rental Service Provider. We at T1 Rentals strive to continuously improve and provide the best service we possibly can. To achieve this, we would highly appreciate it if we could get your feedback by answering this customer service survey to help us to know areas we can improve on.

Thank you for your participation.

-T1 Rentals Team

    Personal Information

    Please rate the services of T1 Rentals based on the following factors.

    (5- Excellent, 4- Above Satisfactory, 3- Satisfactory, 2- Below Satisfactory, 1- Not Satisfied, N/A - Not Applicable)

    T1 Representative

    1. Is able to provide details or documents needed by the client

    2. Is knowledgeable in suggesting/offering proper equipment for the needs of the client/project.

    3. Is easily reachable, approachable and is available to visit when needed.


    5. Equipment was delivered on time as per requested date

    6. Equipment delivered had complete accessories and documents

    7. Equipment delivered was in good working condition

    8. Operator/s requirements, skill, and knowledge.

    9. Equipment used was properly and regularly monitored.


    10. Equipment was maintained properly and worked well throughout the engagement

    11. Maintenance engineer was clear in informing the client/site representative of the PMS or CMS to be conducted.

    12. Maintenance personnel was prompt in conducting the service

    13. Maintenance personnel performed maintenance services well/appropriately fixed the issue/s

    14. Overall environment, safety and health compliance and implementations.

    15. Overall experience with Personnel and ease of coordination.

    16. Overall Quality of Equipment Provided.